Express submission and delivery

In exceptional cases when applying for a visa on proper grounds with the urgent processing time (within 3 working days or less) this service assures the delivery of the documents to the consular representatives on the day of submission and express passport collection by the applicant after the processing of the application is over. The service is applicable to certain purposes of travel and will be agreed upon only at the time of submission. Fee for this additional service is 30 euros (incl. VAT 24%) for each application, and is charged in addition to the normal service fee of the visa centre.

Disclaimer: Please note, that this service does not guarantee that your visa will be issued within less that 3 working days, as your application will be processed by the Consular department of the Embassy of the Russia Federation in Finland or the Consulate General of the Russia Federation in Turku or Chancellery of the Embassy of the Russia Federation in Lappeenranta. The decision to grant or to refuse the visa is the sole prerogative of the Diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation.