To the attention of travelers applying for E-visas to Russia

To the attention of travelers applying for E-visas to Russia! Foreign citizens can be denied entry at a border crossing point if an E-visa application form is filled incorrectly. Please follow the instructions carefully when filling in your name and surname. 

If characters of the national alphabets (such as Ä, Ö tai Å) are used in the names it is necessary to indicate the transliterated meanings that are presented in the first machine-readable line of your passport when filling in the relevant fields of the application form. For example, if the names in the visual area of the passport are ”Päiväkumpu Väinö Yrjö”, then you are required to use ”Paeivaekumpu Vaeinoe Yrjoe” when filling in the application form.


If the names are ”Nygård Elisa”,then you are required to use ”Nygaard Elisa”.

P<FINNYGAARD<<ELISA <<<<<<<<<<<<<

For additional information about filling an e-visa application form to enter St-Petersburg and Leningrad region please contact Consular department of the Embassy of Russia in Finland (+358 961 23 025) or Russia visa application centre (+358 600 90 600 -Please note that calls are charged at 1 euros per minute  at all times (incl. VAT  24 %).

Please note that E-visa can be obtained by filling an application form at the website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation without visiting the Consular agencies in Finland.