Following the latest updates in connection with the entry into force of the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 18, 2020 No. 635 -r; of March 25,2020 No. 730 -r; of April 29, 2020 No.1170-r  starting from 00:00 of 18 March 2020 until a date to be defined yet in order to […]

From March 17, 2020, and until further notice, the consular department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Finland and Russia Visa Application Centre have canceled the reception of visitors. In this respect, in case of emergency (threat to life, health issues), please contact the consular officer at +358 50 476 83 28. For visa related issues please mail […]

ВНИМАНИЮ ПОСЕТИТЕЛЕЙ КОНСУЛЬСКОГО ОТДЕЛА ПОСОЛЬСТВА РОССИИ В ФИНЛЯНДИИ В связи с резким ухудшением санитарно-эпидемиологической обстановки в Финляндии ввиду распространения коронавирусной инфекции с 18 марта 2020 г.  временно приостанавливается прием посетителей в консульском отделе Посольства Российской Федерации в Финляндии по вопросам гражданства, паспортов, ЗАГС, нотариата, легализации, истребования документов и других консульских действий, требующих присутствия заявителя. В чрезвычайных ситуациях, угрожающих […]

  Effective from January, 9th, 2020 opening hours on the Russia visa centre  in Turku will change. Application submission (from Monday to Friday): Travel Agencies: 10.00 – 12.00 Individual Applicants: 10.00 – 13.00 Please note that in some emergency cases applications could be exceptionally accepted after the submission hours prior to the appointment made through […]

To the attention of travelers applying for E-visas to Russia! Foreign citizens can be denied entry at a border crossing point if an E-visa application form is filled incorrectly. Please follow the instructions carefully when filling in your name and surname.  If characters of the national alphabets (such as Ä, Ö tai Å) are used […]

Processing time for one-entry and double-entry tourist visas issued by the Consular institutions of Russian Federation abroad is shortened up to 4 working days to ensure export potential and incoming tourism growth in the Russian Federation within the national project “International cooperation and export”, the federal project “Export of Services” and “The strategy of tourism […]

From the of 1 October 2019 citizens of a number of states (the list of the states is below) will be able to obtain electronic visas (single entry e-visas for business, humanitarian and tourist purposes) for travelling to St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. E-visas can be obtained on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s e-visa website […]

Please note that effective 15th of February 2019 the service fee charged by Russia visa application centres in Finland will change. New service fee is 28 euros, incl. VAT 24%.  For more information please contact Russia visa application centres.