Schedule an appointment

This page allows you to schedule an appointment at the Consulate in Helsinki and Consulate General in Turku for submitting Russian visa application papers at your convenience.

Please note that submission of the application to the Chancellery in Lappeenranta and Consulate in Mariehamn by appointment is temporarily not available.

To schedule your appointment online to the Embassy/Consulate of the Russian Federation in Helsinki please click here. The address of the Consular section of the Embassy is Tehtaankatu 1D. 

To schedule your appointment online to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Turku please click here.

To the attention of the visa applicants applying for the visa to Russia directly in the Embassy/Consulate of Russia Federation by booking the appointment in advance.

Please be informed that Embassy/Consulate of Russia Federation start processing visa applications only after the applicant has paid the required visa processing fees.

Embassy/Consulate of Russia Federation is not responsible for the delays in the processing times, which may occur if the applicant has not paid the visa fees promptly against the received invoice (bank and ATM payments accepted). The first day of the processing is considered to be the one, when the payment confirmation (stamped bank statement or a receipt from the ATM machine or an extract on the bank transfer) has been delivered to the Consulate.

Before scheduling an appointment please make sure that you have filled the application form available on this website. Please note that handwritten forms will not be accepted.

After completing your visa application form kindly print and submit your application with a prior appointment to the visa section of the Embassy / Consulate of Russia Federation.

Please note if you already have an appointment scheduled, you will not be allowed to schedule a second one till the date of your appointment lapses. To cancel your appointment please follow the link above or contact us on +358 104112840 Mon-Fri except on public holidays declared by the Embassy/Consulate/Chancellery.